PHP 5 , Développement Orienté Objet

Training nature

Certification Training

Training duration
5 days
Training method
Training place

Moroni  Union des Comores

Training Diploma and level
Training teaching type

At the end of this training course, you will discover Object Oriented Programming with version 5 of PHP. You will learn to create complex web applications, manage sessions and ultimately manage errors.


  • P.O.O. (Programmation orientée objet)
  • PHP and object-oriented programming
  • PHP and object-oriented programming

2. Object-oriented programming with PHP

  • Déclaration
  • Instantiation
  • Classes
  • Attributes
  • Methods, Builders, Destructors
  • Inheritance: presentation and possibility of reuse
  • Case study

3. PHP Data Objects ( PDO )

  • Structure of PDO classes
  • Connecting to the Data Server
  • Performing queries
  • Transaction management
  • Error management

4. Scope resolution operator

  • The class constants
  • Static Attributes and Methods

5. Working with classes

  • Creating and manipulating objects
  • Accessors and switches
  • Builder
  • Self-loading classes

5. The Magic Methods

  • The principle
  • Overload attributes and methods
  • Linearize objects
  • Other magic methods

Concerned public:

  • Developers
  • webmasters
  • Anyone wishing a practical training in development PHP Object

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