Administration systèmes et réseaux sous linux

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Certification Training

Training duration
5 days
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Moroni Union of the Comoros

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This training course will provide you with the knowledge you need to install and administer a Linux distribution on a daily basis.

System Administration

Basic commands under GNU / Linux File systems

  • Defining a File System
  • Related or compatible file systems and operating systems


Disk Management

  • Installing File Systems in Debian GNU / Linux
  • Resize partitions with GNU Parted
  • The quota system

Rights and User Management

  • The permissions
  • Knowing the expiration date of a user account
  • Add, remove user
  • Group Management

The kernel and modules

  • How to install and configure ALSA sound modules with Debian GNU / Linux?

Print Management

  • lpd

Linux boot management
  • Configuring LILO
  • Update-rc.d or how to update its startup scripts
  • Backing up with rsync
  • Backups with rsnapshot
  • Backup your MySQL databases

Administration tools

  • Scheduling tasks using crontab
  • System monitoring using sar
  • Create your own Debian package mirror
  • Stopping and restarting your Debian system

  • PostgreSQL :: Installation on a Debian system
  • Oracle XE :: Installation on a Debian Sarge

System Tuning
  • System Settings Using the Nice Command


Network Administration

  • Host multiple sites with Apache


  • Configuring Network Interfaces
  • Installing and configuring a ppp connection
  • Installing and configuring an Ethernet connection
  • Installing and configuring an Ethernet connection
  • Installing and configuring a DHCP server
  • SSH :: Securing your communications apt-proxy
  • apt-proxy


  • Postfix
  • Exim
  • QMail
NFS, FTP, Samba, ...
  • Samba
  • Installing an NFS server on Debian GNU / Linux
  • Proftpd :: Basic configuration of an FTP server

Concerned public:

  • System engineers
  • Network managers

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