Theafricanschool is a digital space dedicated to education in Africa. We are a unique meeting ground for students and learning institutions.


Our goal is to inform, to orient and to support African learners.


We provide a high-quality service together with features catering to the specific needs of African learning institutions.


Africa’s young men and women are the reason for our commitment. We have faith in their dynamism, their thirst for knowledge and their desire to accomplish their dreams. Their diversity is their strength. This is why the men and women of our team wake up everyday to go to work. 


We want to make it possible for every pupil and student based in Africa to find the school or the training that fits best his or her needs.


Schools are at the heart of most education systems. Our ambition is to be a reliable partner for schools, and to pay attention to their needs. This aptitude puts us in a special position to adequately support them in their efforts to recruit students.


We also offer solutions for better student registration management and a variety of pedagogical tools. Education is our passion. We are happy to serve and help you meet the challenges ahead of you.


We are a space dedicated to informing, to advising and to networking. We bring to you students’ testimonies, data on many learning institutions, supported by technological innovation. Our goal is to create a community at the service of all actors.


Soon we will welcome a new member to our community, a central one at that. Have a guess ?


Companies of course!


Enjoy your time on theafricanschool!