Diploma in Environmental Health and Safety Management

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Diploma in Environmental Health and Safety Management

Training duration
Diploma (2 Years)
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The diploma in Environmental Health and Safety Management is a two year programme that is intended to equip learners with knowledge and management skills in every productive sector of the economy such as mining, construction, manufacturing and health and sanitation in as far as health and safety is concerned. 

Course Title
Outcomes of Learning /Learning Outcomes
Principles Of Ecosystem  

Demonstrate a theoretical understanding of the principles of ecosystem and apply preventive measures from degradation.

Occupational Health and Safety Management

Demonstrate and apply relevant knowledge of preventative health practices and management of occupational health hazards and risks at the workplace based on (OHSAS 18001: 2007).

Water Supply Hygiene and Sanitation

Develop and employ good hygienic skills and employ broad knowledge of good health and sanitation methods to be used in industries to prevent outbreak of water related diseases.

Introduction to Environmental Health.

Develop and implement skills and knowledge relevant in the management of environmental health diseases and other issues.

Accident investigation, safety health and environmental auditing

Demonstrate and carry out accident investigation, safety, health and                       environmental auditing principles at the workplace to eliminate unsafe work environment.

Fire Protection

Employ broad practical knowledge and skills of fire protection and control in industries and natural environment.

Safety, Health and Environmental Law

Interpret and implement legal and other requirements and procedures of Safety, Health and Environmental laws to determine conformity in industries.

Climate Change

Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of climate change concept, causes, and effects and employ preventative measures to adapt to the impacts.

Occupational First Aid

Demonstrate and apply knowledge and practical skills of first aid in the workplace to disaster victims in industries

Environmental Policy

Develop and apply theoretical  knowledge and skills on process of formulation of environmental policies in occupational strands

Disaster Management

Develop and employ broad practical knowledge and skills in disaster planning, prevention and preparedness in all levels of occupation to ensure better recovery after loss of life and property.

Environmental Health and Safety Attachment

Demonstrate and apply theoretical knowledge and skills in solving industrial health and safety problems in the workplace.



Subfield: Communication Skills

Course Title Outcomes of Learning /Learning Outcomes
Communication Skills

Apply relevant skills of verbal and non-verbal communications across settings, purposes, audiences and practical skills necessary to work effectively in theworkplace



Subfield: Promotional Health

Course Title Outcomes of Learning /Learning Outcomes
HIV and AIDS Education

Demonstrate knowledge and skills in the management and promotion of HIV and AIDS awareness and prevention at the workplace.



Subfield: Information and technology

Course Title Outcomes of Learning /Learning Outcomes
Information Communication and Technology

Demonstrate an awareness of the main components of ICT systems (input, outputs, storing, processing, communicating data) and awareness of practical software application programs used in business organisations.



Subfield: Project Management

Course Title Outcomes of Learning /Learning Outcomes
Project Management

Demonstrate and apply knowledge and skills in promoting health and safety of employees during the project implementation process.



Normal Entry: NSSC grade 12 or equivalent qualification with a minimum of 18 points in 5 subjects including English Grade E or better as stipulated in the Adonai College admission policy. If candidates at grade NSSC 12 or equivalent do not have an English Grade E or better they first have to go through the Adonai College English bridging programme for three months and if they pass with 50% and above then they will be accepted to start the programme.

All non-English speaking students must provide an English language certificate, in order to be considered for admission.


Special entry: The following persons may apply for special entry and for permission to proceed to study an NQF level qualification with exemption from the whole or part of the entry requirements

  • A person who has obtained a certificate or diploma in a related field of Adonai College or another NQA accredited institution
  •  Students holding international qualifications being offered or which were being offered by the college may apply to the academic board to be exempted from certain modules or examinations. Following an application to the academic board permission may be given to complete the programme in less than the required period provided that no students shall be allowed direct entry to the final part of the programme


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