Must MOOC be mentioned on a CV?

The Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) are open to massive higher education and vocational training. Initiated in American universities, it allows students - and anyone who wishes to do so - to train online, to interact with stakeholders around the world.






As an innovation, it raises several questions, such as its recognition on the employment market: 

Should it be included on the CV? 

The answer is yes, as long as it is done cleverly. 

A CV gives a glimpse of your career and your personality, integrating MOOC at the right place will give a dynamic image of you. You will appear as a person who wants to seek knowledge, progress in its field, and build up its skills. It will also outline the fact that you master the latest digital innovations. 


Choosing the right section 

It’s importance to structure it manner on your CV. Indeed those that are directly linked to your area of ​​expertise and the desired position have to be reflected in the field section. Otherwise insert it with your interests. 

Mention the right information 

You have to insert the MOOCs starting with the most popular and renowned. If you have obtained certifications, specify it. 
And since MOOCs aren’t known from recruiters, also include a list of the modules, the language in which they were dispensed and the number of hours that it represents. If the practitioner was a renown personality in your field of expertise, mention it as well. 


Be cautious about the excess of MOOC 

If you are interested in learning online and are seeking knowledge in several areas, do not mention them all: you will look like you are undecisive. It will look like you are not specialized in your field.  

Inserting MOOCs in this case can have a negative impact on your application.  It’s better not put anything. 


MOOCs are still recent, but according to many specialists, they should become more and more recognized through diplomas. Some MOOCs allow to acquire ECTS credits already. 





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