How to dress for his defense of memory ?


The choice of dress is important when preparing your defense of memory, because your presentation also counts.



For the boys


The tryptic jean - shirt - suit jacket is a pass everywhere relatively efficient and safe. Indeed, it makes serious while not making the defense ultra-formal.


Avoid shirts with garish or mottled colors. Choose solid colors (white, blue, black).
It would not be a good idea to wear torn or worn out clothes. The sportwear style is not in order.


The costumes sometimes seem very expensive, difficult for a student to put the price. It is necessary to remember that a costume is an investment: in fact, once bought do not tell you that it will remain in the wardrobe, you will most certainly be led to wear it again.


Nevertheless, if you really do not have the budget enough when the time comes, know that you always have the option of thrift stores. It will be more complicated to find the right size and, above all, to find the complete set. But you will find a huge selection of shirts at very low prices.


For the girls


 In terms of outfit, avoid plunging necklines, overly transparent fabrics, navels in the air or short tops. Do not mix too many colors or patterns. At the same time, be careful not to over accessorize your sets, you must remain yourself. On the shoes side, several choices are available to you, choose rather simple shoes.
Go for a discreet makeup. Avoid too bright lipsticks. . To banish the nail polish too flashy, opt instead for transparent bases or beige, or a nice bordeaux not too dark.

The essential thing is to be yourself, at ease in your clothes. In order to face the jury serenely. Good defense.

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