Ashesi University

 Ashesi University shows the symbol of a conquering Africa when it comes to education. Ashesi University has become a reference in terms of education.  Founded in 2002, by Patrick Awuah, a former Microsoft engineer who came back to Ghana after about fifteen years in the United States

The adventure begins with 30 students in a small rental house turned into a school. Today, it is spread on over 40 acres in Berekuso, a small town at about an hour from Accra.  

At its beginning, the school offered programs focusing on management and new technologies. It is currently planning to train the new generation of African entrepreneurs and leaders in four years.  



To achieve this goal, the University implement a strong culture of innovation and excellence to its students. 

Students are handpicked among candidates from all over Africa. 

Thanks to an effective support system (practical internships, mentoring, consultants, etc) and various learning opportunities (community volunteering, practical seminars, etc.), young talent prepares their careers with leadership and responsibility mindset

All the students who have left this school rapidly asserted themselves on the labor market.  



The Center provides financial support to talented young Africans who cannot afford to access a quality training. It highlights a partnership with the Mastercard Canada Foundation in particular, a student work system, as well as scholarship opportunities offered by the Center's foundation. 

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